What is RubyMail?

RubyMail is a unique high-quality HTML email solution, created specifically to serve the needs of creative artists & digital marketing professionals — web and graphic designers, interactive agencies, marketing and public relations firms — and their clients. RubyMail is the only email solution of its kind, developed for the digital design & marketing professional.

How Does RubyMail Work?


It's simple:

  1. You design the email message, obtain client approval and prepare the final artwork (Photoshop, Illustrator or EPS files).
  2. You submit these creative files (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) to RubyMail, along with a proof (flat image) for development.
  3. Within 3 business days, RubyMail's development team...
    1. Formats the email message as both HTML and text
    2. Tests and validates the email transmission on all major email client applications
    3. Provides you with a preview of the email for approval
    4. Give you access to easy to use tools to send the email to up to 5,000 recipients (or more, for an additional fee)
    5. Collects data on such key metrics as send rates, open rates, click-through rates, bouncebacks and unsubscribes
    6. Provides a final report for each email project, with comprehensive data on the results of your campaign

Additional custom options also exist, including:

  • Client-controlled email transmission — We provide formatting & set-up, you or your client supplies email addresses and sends out as many emails as you'd like through a custom, branded extranet site
  • Expedited processing & turnaround — 1 day turnaround is available for an additional fee — contact us for details
  • Event registration service — Solicit & capture attendee data for meetings & events
  • Special projects — Let us know what we can build for you...

That's it. Nothing more to do, nothing more to buy, no monthly recurring fees. RubyMail takes care of all the programming, infrastructure and email transmission issues, so you can concentrate on what you do best: Creating exciting and compelling design...

Why Use RubyMail?

RubyMail is the only complete HTML-enabled email solution created specifically to serve the needs of creative professionals — web and graphic designers, interactive marketers, public relations and advertising firms — and their clients. We make it simple, fast and easy — because we handle all the programming, infrastructure, and transmission issues — so you can focus on what you do best: creating exciting and compelling creative campaigns for your clients...

RubyMail benefits:

  • Comprehensive — RubyMail offers all the core functionality you need to conduct highly-effective, targeted email marketing campaigns — with none of the bells and whistles you don't need.
  • Scalable — Wheter it's just a few hundred HTML holiday cards or a mass email distribution to millions of addresses, RubyMail can scale up to any size project — quickly and efficiently.
  • Flexible — RubyMail can handle virtually any kind of email campaign you may have: HTML and/or text, B2B, B2C, dynamic or static, large or small — RubyMail is the right solution, for the right results, at the right price.
  • Easy to use — RubyMail is as easy as it can be...because we do it all for you! Simply deliver to us your finished digital image file(s) with formatting and distribution instructions, along with email addresses of your recipients (optional). We'll take care of the rest...
  • Quick turnaround — We guarantee service within 48-72 business hours. Expedited service is also available for a modest surcharge.
  • Cost-effective — With flat-rate pricing of only $495 for mailings of up to 5,000 email addresses, RubyMail can cost as little as just 10 cents per address. Larger projects can qualify for even greater discounts. Call us for a custom quote.

How Can I Use RubyMail?

There are many ways that you can use the RubyMail service to enhance your offering to your clients:

  • Publish email messages with your clients' own unique brand identity
  • Private-label RubyMail and resell it as a value-added service to your own clients
  • Create self-branded email newsletters to promote your firm's own services
  • Use RubyMail for branded email newsletters to members of professional associations, user groups, business networking organizations, etc.
  • Send holiday e-cards to colleagues, partners, vendors, and customers

RubyMail Email Tip of the Week #18:

Keep your Email Narrow to Maximize Your Impact

When designing a new HTML email, keep your design to 580 pixels wide or less to ensure that it is fully visible in the widest array of user email applications.


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