Convenient Flat-rate Pricing

One flat rate


for 5,000 emails

RubyMail offers convenient flat-rate pricing for email campaigns of up to 5,000 recipients, for a one-time fee of $495. If you need to send to more than 5,000 recipients, we charge just one penny for each additional email.

Register now and enjoy a 20% discount off the price of your first RubyMail campaign. Offer valid through November 30, 2006.

At RubyMail we understand that most of your campaigns are not recurring emails that get sent every month. They're not based on some pre-fab email template. And they're certainly not cookie cutter. But we also understand that you and your clients need a finite cost and a quick turnaround. So when it comes to pricing, we charge a one-time, flat-rate fee that covers everything, including developing and testing, and we provide easy-to-use tools for you to send your email out. There's nothing more to buy ever, and no surprise credit card charge every month because you "forgot to cancel". And we offer guaranteed 3-day turnaround, or your money back.

  • Absolutely no monthly, recurring fees
  • No additional fees for emails with less than 5,000 recipients
  • No limitation on how many times you can send the campaign, or to how many recipients each time.

Volume discounts are also available for very large campaigns, multiple campaigns, and recurring newsletters of similar design. Please contact us directly for a free quote.

RubyMail Email Tip of the Week #18:

Keep your Email Narrow to Maximize Your Impact

When designing a new HTML email, keep your design to 580 pixels wide or less to ensure that it is fully visible in the widest array of user email applications.


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